The characters

City of Flowers List of Characters

Dramatis Personae


William Dethridge, the Elizabethan who discovered the art of stravagation. Known in Talia as Guglielmo Crinamorte
Rodolfo Rossi, Regent of Bellezza
Luciano Crinamorte (formerly Lucien Mulholland), foster-son of William Dethridge and Leonora. First apprentice and then assistant to Rodolfo
Sulien Fabriano (Brother Sulien), pharmacist-friar at Saint-Mary-among-the-Vines
Giuditta Miele, sculptor in Giglia
Sky Meadows (Celestino Pascoli, or Brother Tino), sixth-former at Barnsbury Comprehensive
Georgia O?Grady, sixth-former at Barnsbury Comprehensive
Nicholas Duke (formerly Falco di Chimici), Year 10 student at Barnsbury Comprehensive

Di Chimici

Niccolo, Duke of Giglia
Fabrizio, Niccolo?s eldest son
Carlo, Niccolo?s second son
Gaetano, Niccolo?s third son
Beatrice, Niccolo?s daughter
Ferdinando (Pope Lenient VI), Prince of Remora
Rinaldo, the Pope?s chaplain and nephew, formerly Reman Ambassador to Bellezza
Alfonso, Duke of Volana, Rinaldo?s older brother
Caterina of Volana, Rinaldo?s younger sister, engaged to be married to Prince Fabrizio
Isabella, dowager Duchess of Volana, their mother
Jacopo, Prince of Fortezza
Carolina, his wife
Lucia, their older daughter, engaged to be married to Prince Carlo
Bianca, their younger daughter, engaged to be married to Duke Alfonso of Volana
Francesca of Bellona, engaged to be married to Prince Gaetano


Matteo Nucci, a rich wool merchant
Graziella, his wife
Camillo, their eldest son
Filippo, their second son
Davide, their youngest son
Anna and Lidia, their daughters

Other characters in Talia

Silvia Bellini, a wealthy ?widow? from Padavia (ex-Duchess of Bellezza)
Guido Parola, her servant and bodyguard
Susanna, her maid
Arianna Rossi, Duchess of Bellezza, daughter of Silvia and Rodolfo
Barbara, her maid
Paola Bellini, Arianna?s grandmother, a lace-maker on the island of Burlesca
Enrico Poggi, chief spy of Duke Niccolo
Sandra, an orphan, working for Enrico
Franco, Giuditta Miele?s senior apprentice
Brother Tullio, cook-friar at Saint-Mary-among-the-Vines
Gabassi, Duke Niccolo?s architect
Aureho Vivoide, a Manoush, a harpist
Raffaella Vivoide, a Manoush, his companion
Fratello, a mongrel dog, adopted by Sandro

Other Characters in England

Rosalind Meadow, Sky?s mother, an aromatherapist
Rainbow Warrior (a.k.a. Colin Peck), Sky?s father
Gus Robinson, his agent
Loretta, his fourth wife
Gloria Peck, his mother
Joyce Meadows, Rosalind?s mother
Remedy, Sky?s cat
Alice Greaves, Georgia?s best friend
Paul Greaves, her father
Jane Scott, Alice?s mother, ex-wife of Paul Greaves
Laura, Rosalind?s best friend, a House of Commons PA
Vicky Mulholland, Nicholas?s foster-mother, a violin teacher
David Mulholland, Nicholas?s foster-father, a salvage contractor