The characters

In London

Matthew Wood (Matt), known as Matteo Bosco in Talia: a 17-year-old dyslexic at Barnsbury Comprehensive

Harry Wood: Matt?s younger brother

Andy Wood: Matt?s father, a singer in the chorus at English National Opera (ENO)

Jan Wood: Matt?s mother, Head of English at Barnsbury Comprehensive

Ayesha: Matt?s girlfriend

Jago Jones: Barnsbury?s star English student

Chay Sykes: Matt?s best friend

Georgia O?Grady: Upper Sixth student at Barnsbury Comprehensive and an ex-Stravagante

Alice Greaves: Georgia?s best friend

Nicholas Duke: Year 11 student at Barnsbury, ex-Stravagante and formerly Falco di Chimici

Sky Meadows: Upper Sixth former at Barnsbury Comprehensive and an ex-Stravagante

Vicky Mulholland: Violin teacher, Lucien?s mother and Nick?s foster-mother

David Mulholland: Salvage contractor, Lucien?s father and Nick?s foster-father

Celia Jones: Jago?s mother

Lucy: Jago?s girlfriend

Mortimer Goldsmith: Antiques dealer

Eva Holbrook: Matt?s great-aunt, Jan?s aunt

Stella Watkins: Staff nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Barts Hospital in London

Brian: Matt?s driving Instructor

In Talia

Professor Constantin: Rhetoric Professor at University of Padavia, from Eastern Europa, a Stravagante

Rodolfo Rossi: Regent of Bellezza, a Stravagante

Silvia Rossi: Rodolfo?s wife (formerly Duchessa of Bellezza, believed assassinated)

Arianna Rossi: daughter of Silvia and Rodolfo, young Duchessa of Bellezza

Luciano Crinamorte (formerly Lucien Mulholland): foster-son of Guglielmo and Leonora Crinamorte, a Stravagante

Doctor William Dethridge, a.k.a Dottore Guglielmo Crinamorte: an Elizabethan, the first Stravagante

Alfredo: Rodolfo?s manservant, currently working for Luciano in Padavia

Barbara: the Duchessa?s maid

Marco: a footman in the Palazzo Ducale of Bellezza, engaged to Barbara

Guido Parola: a reformed assassin and ex-mandolier

Cesare Montalbano: son of the Horsemaster of the Ram in Remora, currently studying in Padavia

Enrico Poggi: a spy

Fabrizio di Chimici: Grand-duke of Tuschia

Caterina de Chimici: Fabrizio?s wife

Beatrice di Chimici: Fabrizio?s sister

Gaetano di Chimici: Fabrizio?s only surviving brother

Francesca di Chimici: Gaetano?s wife

Filippo di Chimici:  Francesca?s brother, heir-apparent of Bellona

Rinaldo di Chimici: Cardinal in Remora, formerly Ambassador to Bellezza

Ludovico Vivoide (Ludo): a Manoush

Signor Antonio: Governor of Padavia

Giunta: Antonio?s wife

Biagio: foreman at the Scriptorium

Nando: a bookbinder

Mariotto: a boy who looks after the Duchessa?s African cats

Angelo Angeli: Anatomy professor at the University of Padavia

Girolamo Gobbi: a porter in the Anatomy Theatre