City of Masks Reviews

"A completely magical tale which catapults you into a sixteenth century Venicesque world of intrigue and magic.  I simply loved it." Claire Nuttall, WHSmiths.

"In Stravaganza Mary Hoffman has created not only a convincing fantasy world but a captivating thriller as well. Told in rich and sensuous prose, this is one of my must-read books of 2002." Helen Davies, Borders.

"Hoffman's fast-paced plot tightly integrates the fantastic with the historical and frequent cuts between view points ratchet up the suspense." Kirkus Reviews

"I absolutely loved this book. It is just so amazingly fabulous" Angie Simpson, Waterstones.

"Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza is a real treat of a book that is a perfect summer read for young adults. Lucien's father buys him a beautiful notebook, and when he falls asleep clutching it he wakes up in Bellezza, a parallel Venice. Bellezza is a city of contrasts that values magic and science in equal regard. And Lucien finds himself in a position of power, danger and intrigue as he continues to 'stravagate' between the two worlds. This is a great story, packed full of imagination, it also has an exceptionally sad sting in the tail, so keep a box of tissues to hand." Nic Knight, Ottakars.

"When you reluctantly finish reading a fabulous new novel and cannot bear to move on to anything else, you know you have found something special?  Hoffman crafts this tale skilfully, interweaving characters and events to achieve the first part of what promises to be a superb trilogy." Barbara Pendrigh, Hammicks.

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City of Masks Readers Reviews

"I absolutely loved this book because of the way you feel like your really in the city itself. I recommend this book to anyone of age because I know they would like it just as much as I did." Anonymous

"Thrilling tale that takes you through the canals of belezza." Shaun

"The City of Masks is a wonderful book. It kept me reading to the end." Kayla

"This book was amazing. The plot was interesting and addictive. It had a magical element without being unbelievable or patronising in any way. It was far better than Harry Potter, as the descriptions were excellent - it made me feel as though I was in this magical world. The ending was unexpected and tearjerking, but the book had a slight humourous tone as well, it wasn't too sad and superior but just excellent. I look forward to reading the sequels."

"Stravaganza is one of the best series of books I have ever read. Its writen well and easy to understand, I reccomend this to everyone, regardless of their likes or dislikes, Im sure all would love it! Move over Harry Potter!" Karina, 12 years old

"This series is amazing! I thought it would be really boring, but boy was I wrong! They are now my favorite books. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a book." Steven, 12 years old

"I must say when I went to the bookstore to buy a book I found City of Masks by fate. I tripped and the book fell off the shelf and I knew I had to buy it. After being enchanted and absolutly obsessed with the book I read the two sequels. I just wanted to tell you that you are a genius and to keep writing! This is the best book I have ever read!" Olivia

"This was a great book and I can't wait to read more. It has a really good plot with tons of surprises!!! I would recommend this book any day." Amy, 12 years old

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