City of Stars Press Reviews

"Hoffman . . . does a fine job with her alternate worlds [and] her winning main characters."  The New York Times Book Review

"The concept of stravagation is appealing and is used well to create an adventure tale that takes readers back into the 16th century with all its drama. Fans of the first book will find the sequel equally appealing." School Library Journal

"The lovingly created, richly detailed locales are one of the distinctive pleasures of the series, along with the subtle portrayal of both major and minor characters...shifts in points of view and setting...propel the story, carrying readers along for an adventurous ride. A fine sequel to the first novel." starred review, Booklist

"Hoffman keeps a tight control on various conflicts as they climax spectacularly at the race. The background is so rich with fascinating tidbits. A fine read on its own, and a compelling entry in an addictive series." Kirkus Reviews

"The world building is wonderful and believable and the narrative involving. Those who enjoyed the first volume will be equally enthralled with the second." VOYA

Exciting news! Stravaganza: City of Stars has been shortlisted for the 2004 WHSmith 'People's Choice' Book Awards.

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City of Stars Readers Reviews

"I thought the books were all great and have already recommended them to lots
of people!!! It makes me want to find a talisman and go to Talia myself and meet all the
characters that were described so vividly and so well! Thank you for a great
series so far — I?ll look forward to the next book!" Nicola

"This book is just WAY COOL!!! Though it's the first book by Mary Hoffman I read, I find it absolutely fabulous and addicting. I am still reading it but I am already in love with it. I just love Georgia, Mr Goldsmith, Alice, Luciano and Falco. The book gets better every minute and it's totaly thrilling. So keep up the good work!" Maeve, aged 15

"For me, I've always been a big reader I suppose that even though I didn't become interested in books until I suppose in the third grade, but then again I did start to love to write in fourth grade for all my handwriting wasn't all that neat...it still isn't. The first one I read was number two The City of Stars and soon after I started looking in the library for the first one City of Masks both are brilliantly made and I have to say they are both made with loving detail. I have to confess I tried to write a fan fiction in sixth grade but... I did horribly." Jenny  13 years old

"City of Stars is perhaps the best book I have read all year (and for me, that is saying something)! The fast paced plot gets you hooked right away, especially if you have read the first book. My favourite characters are Falco, Lucien, and Cesare. Great book, highly recommended! The best thing about it is-you'll find pieces of yourself floating around in it!" Jill, age 12

"My name is Karina, I love this book, I have read it over and over again, Mary I hope you write more books about Georgia, Cesare and everyone else, the ending is good. I haven't read any other books of Mary's, I first read this book when I was 10, and loved it. Another book about Georgia and everyone else would be great, I've wrote many stories and hope that I will be able to write as good as Mary when I'm older, keep writing =)." Karina, 11 years old

"Mary Hoffman's books are all wonderful, I myself am a fifth grader who first picked up her book, (The City of Masks) last year in fourth grade and immediately was intrigued in this wonderful story, she inspires me to write and I just want to say its a 5-STAR book. I LOVE THESE STORIES! I don't have a favourite though, I am only on the second, I hope to read all of them." Samantha

"My name is Emily and I love City of Stars. I'm so addicted to it. I have not read number one because I am so addicted to number two. Georgia is my absolute favourite character and she is just like me. I hope Georgia will continue as a main character throughout Mary's books. I love the way Mary uses Italian scenery which makes the book more interesting. I can't wait for Mary's third book. It's a very long wait and I hoped it would be out in June so I could read it on holiday but the good thing about it is that it comes out in February which is my 16th birthday. If it comes out on February 28th it would be a brilliant present for me. Keep writing Mary. You have inspired me to write myself  : )" Emily, 15 years old