City of Flowers Reviews

"Hoffman's writing is vivid and gripping, the text packed with historical fact and imaginative alternatives. A must-read for children and adults alike." Italy Magazine

"Fantastic tale of time travel and intrigue. Squarely aimed at the young teen market, City of Flowers is the third in the acclaimed Stravaganza series, and a jolly good read it is too. The story manages to blend concepts of fantasy and science fiction, with Shakespeare-esque plot lines, and neatly combines the mix of modern and ancient. It's a colourful tale and there's a gritty edge to the novel that will appeal to boys — it's not all smelling of roses in the City of Flowers?" Italia Magazine

"The third of her lauded Stravaganza fantasies?I was barely allowed to finish it before my god-daughter snatched it away with breathless anticipation. "It's so real!" she drooled." Independent

"These novels are written with huge imagination, obviously based on meticulous research.  These books are readable as standalone titles. I was a fan before I read this volume — I'm completely hooked now.  A welcome addition to any KS3 library." School Librarian, Summer 2005

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City of Flowers Readers' Reviews

"All the books were amazing, especially City of Masks and City of Flowers.  They are easy to understand and captivating.  I couldn't stop reading any of them.  The plot makes sense and is a ton better than most of the books I read (such as Harry Potter).  It really doesn't matter what you like or dislike when you read the books.  A lot of different people would love reading them.  I would recomend them to anyone and everyone I know.  Keep writing!  I can't wait for more Stravaganza books!!!"  Alice

"It was fantastic. A wonderful experience, all three books. I have never and probably will never read other books like them. It was magical, captivating, and extremely well set. I felt like I was there with the characters. Hoffman has done a great job. If she were to write a book for each city, she would be the greatest author on my shelf. In my opinion, Stravaganza: City of Masks, City of Stars, and City of Flowers are better than the Harry Potter books by a long shot." Nickolas, 12 years old

"I found these books really great. So great that I could not read any other books after this trilogy." Anonymous

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